Britney & Jason Tweet

Britney:  Rode in my 1st @Uber to @TheXFactorUSA auditions in SF today! Jason auditioned for me - I wouldn't put him through...

Jason Trawick:  Not fair! Can I please try my second song choice? I promise to show u I have the X Factor!

Jason Trawick:  "Xfactor Audition" please give me a second chance!

Britney:  Still no! Please send in ur best dance Viddys so Jason will stop!

Britney, Jason & Pauly D Tweeting

Jason Trawick:  Hey Kissing bandit @DJPaulyD Hate c-ing all the promos this week of ur lap dance from my gf. She still has ur hair product on her legs!

Pauly D:  @jasontrawick Sorry My Dude!!!! #IGOTABIGBLOWOUT

Britney Spears:  @jasontrawick @DJPaulyD Pauly he is lying. I got the product off last week. Thanks to sandpaper!

Pauly D:  @britneyspears That's My Girl!! #YouKnowTheDeal :)